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Services and Rates

Web Page Design

The following prices are for a basic web page design of one - two pages. Prices include: Text, 1 Scanned Image, 3 months of maintenance, and search engine registration.

  • Personal Page (intended for personal use or resume) -- $59.95
  • Business Page (any page intended to generate income) -- $99.95
  • Each Additional Page (text only) -- $12.95
  • Additional Graphics/Images -- @ $5.00
  • CGI forms & JavaScript -- priced according to script

Full Site Development

Full Site Development includes any or all of the following: scanning and editing of images, logo design, custom graphics, forms, java scripting, asp, search engine registration, hit counter, six months of maintenance.

  • Full Site Development - $30.00 p/hr (Flat fee can be negotiated)
  • Redesigning of existing web pages ** - $30.00 p/hr (Flat fee can be negotiated)

Custom Template Design

Template Design (.psd format) - $15.00

Template Design (HTML or PHP w/.psd) - $30.00

Sample Designs

Flash Design

We provide Flash design on a per-job basis. Please contact us if you are interested.


Consulting is done on a one time fee basis. If you decide to hire DragonFly Web Design to redesign or create the site the consulting fee will be waived or applied to that fee.

Site & Design Consultations- $75.00 flat fee


We recommend using IX Webhosting, which we use, for all your hosting needs. Excellent tech support, speed and up-time.

** If pages contain copyrighted images or work by another html designer, the customer must provide written permission from the designer for use on the new page.



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